As a Froebel-trained teacher, Enid Blyton knew just how to write the right book for children, at every stage of their reading development.

Children who read her books go on to be critical and confident readers for pleasure, opening up a world of literature and life-long learning to them.

In light of this, Microsoft have partnered with the Enid Blyton team to bring you this brilliant competition!

Enid Blyton wrote every Famous Five novel with a clear 5-step structure:

• Set up

• Journey

• Adventure

• Resolution

• Return home

We’re inviting every Year 4 and Primary 5 class across the country to submit a Sway using those five steps.

The winning entry gets an amazing prize that includes a Blyton library for the school, a Famous Five book for every student, Surface Pro devices, hampers of games and treats and more!

Submit your entries between 1st May & 7th July 2017.

Everything you need to get started is here: https://education.microsoft.com/famousfivesway