Welcome to Malory Towers, where there’s more to life than lessons!

Join the girls of Malory Towers for friendship, mischief and adventures at the famous boarding school by the sea. The lessons learned by Darrell and friends aren’t just about French or Geography – trust, respect and kindness are discovered too.

The Malory Towers covers are by illustrator Pippa Curnick.


Malory Towers: First Term

In book one, new girl Darrell is two terms behind her classmates and feels out of place and alone. Soon, however, Darrell makes friends as well as enemies as they induct new students, win and lose sporting matches and play tricks on teachers.

Expect drama at Malory Towers!

Malory Towers: Second Form

In book two, there is a thief about. Purses and jewellery are missing in the North Tower. Meanwhile Darrell is caught in the middle when her friend Sally is made head girl instead of Alicia.

Will they find the thief and will Alicia and Sally make up?

Malory Towers: Third Year

In book three, there are lots of new students, including sophisticated Zerelda from America. This year, not only the girls face challenges – Bill’s poor horse, Thunder, suffers from colic.

Will Zerelda and Darrell become friends, and will Thunder survive?

Malory Towers: Upper Fourth

In book four, Darrell is very pleased to be head girl, but Alicia and Betty are determined to ruin her good work.

Meanwhile, Darrell’s sister Felicity joins Malory Towers and becomes best friends with none other than June – obnoxious, brash and Alicia’s cousin.

Malory Towers: In the Fifth

In book five, everybody at Malory Towers is excited about the Christmas pantomime.

This year they’ll be performing Cinderella and everybody wants to be involved – but matters turn very serious when head girl Moira receives an anonymous poison pen letter.

Malory Towers: Last Term

In book six, Darrell and her friends have reached their last term at Malory Towers. But before they say good-bye one last time there are more adventures to be had, pranks to play and competitions to win.

Malory Towers: New Term

In book seven, Darrell has left Malory Towers and her sister Felicity takes over as head girl. But the other girls are determined to cause trouble. Will Freddie and June ever stop playing tricks?

And what’s Amy’s strange family secret?

Malory Towers: Summer Term

In book eight, someone has stolen Julie’s horse. And there’s money missing too.

Can Felicity and the girls find out who would do such a terrible thing?

Malory Towers: Winter Term

In book nine, Susan’s in charge of the winter concert, but new teacher, Miss Tallant, won’t let her make any decisions.

When Miss interferes in a midnight feast, the girls realise that there’s a spy in their midst.

Malory Towers: Fun and Games

Music concert or Tennis tournament? In book ten, feisty June and new girl Millicent can’t agree what’s more important.

Soon all becomes irrelevant when things begin disappearing. Is there a thief in fifth form?

Malory Towers: Secrets

Book eleven is filled with mystery. What’s with all the secrets? How did Daffy pull off her latest prank? What did Mam’zelle find in her handbag?

And why is the new form-mate so strangely familiar?

Malory Towers: Goodbye

In book twelve, the sixth form girls are to attend finishing school before they’re sent out into the world. They are to learn deportment, etiquette and obedience.

Oh dear…

New Class at Malory Towers

There’s a new girl joining Darrell and friends in each of these four fantastic new stories.

From the library to the lacrosse field, the swimming pool to the stage, there are obstacles at every turn. Will the new arrivals learn to rise to the occasion as true Malory Towers girls do?