Our very own Famous Five are set to star in a new campaign for Great Western Railway!

Many of us at Enid Blyton HQ remember how exciting it was to take a train as a child and feel like you were embarking on a big adventure.

A new animation that Great Western Railway have created sees The Famous Five embark on an unexpected adventure across the GWR network when the gang is accidentally separated from Timmy the dog. There’s nothing for it but to take advantage of GWR’s new high-speed Intercity Express trains as they chase Timmy on an adventure that takes them all across the stunning scenery of the South-West.

If you’re an Enid Blyton fan, you may know how much she loved the South-West – and how much inspiration she drew from it for The Famous Five in particular – so we really do think this idea is perfect.

The award-winning animator who has brought The Famous Five to life is the very talented Pete Candeland from Friends Electric.

Watch the animation below:


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